Ioannis Lagos: Fanning the flames of the fire in Lakonia to prevent the installation of wind turbines in affected areas

Satellite images from the European Sentinel-2 satellite show that the large forest fire on 22-23 August on the island of Mani, Lakonia, destroyed 18 790 hectares of land, 9 580 hectares of which belong to a NATURA 2020 area. General conflict in the area was already rife, with residents and environmental organisations angry at plans to install a number of wind turbines. Many people say that the fire is the work of arsonists, whose actions are helping to create new wind farms in the area.

In the light of the above:

1. What measures does the Commission intend to take to prevent the gradual declassification of these areas through the installation of wind turbines?

2. Does the Commission intend to make use of the EU Solidarity Fund so that the area can be reforested as soon as possible?

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